Monday, February 2, 2009

My tiny fae....

Tiny Fae 004, originally uploaded by cmahlstadt.

I've been playing again! This is the tiniest fae I've ever made! She is about 6" from head to toe. In my last post I told you about a nest wall hanging that I have been working on. Lots of machine embroidery, with a 3D nest and branches. Well now I have added a tiny little faerie sitting on one of the branches (she is peeking at the eggs). I have really enjoyed this project. It is still a work in progress... I am still pondering how I want to mount the whole piece to hang on the wall. I have a few thoughts. I'll keep you posted.

Here is a link to my flickr where I have more pictures: Feel free to take a peek! I'd love to hear what you think!



robin dudley-howes said...

Oh my goodness! Just way too cute. You are a master at detail. I love how you really finish your work with so many tiny details. Hey, I went to sign up for your class at Piecemakers Mar.18. Girl friend there is a waiting list!!! Did you know that? It's packed. Good job! I might have to bribe them to get in..he,he..

Anonymous said...

Your work is so whimsical. It makes me feel light hearted whenever I see it. I bet you have a wonderful sense of humor.