Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring is in the air.....

There is a really special phenomenon that takes place at my mom and dad's home. There home has become the hottest nesting spot for local birds. It is so FUN! My mom loves plants and she really has a gift and passion for horticulture. She has all these huge beautiful Staghorn Ferns hanging everywhere...the back porch, the front porch, the side porch. The birds love them! They're like little 4star resorts for birds. The picture above is a little family that has temporarily set up residence in one of my the plants. My mom and dad live about 10 minutes from us and we are blessed to be able to visit often. Each time we visit, it's fun to check and see how many eggs have hatched. We also enjoy watching the babies grow and learning to fly. What a wonderful picture of spring....

I have had a little extra time to work on a few projects. I work part time at a school and I have been on spring break for the last week. What a joy! I've been wanting to put together a few new workshops and finally I've had the extra time to work on them. One is a little faerie workshop. I'm looking forward to sharing her with you. Her face is from a pressmold I've made. Pressmolds are new for me...I plan to offer the press molds with the workshops. These little faces are so addictive. You can't make just one....
This faerie has closed eyes and sculpted feet and hands. Doesn't she look like she is sunbathing?
And this faerie has her eyes open with fabric wrapped hands and feet. They have a wire armature body which is covered with batting and needle sculpted.

I've also been playing around with altered "Altoids" cans. My oh my, what fun...they are equally addictive! Here are a few pictures of one of my altered tin dolls. Her face was made from the pressmold I used on the faerie with closed eyes. I will be offering a doll similar to this one as a workshop. Very fun!
Well, thanks for letting me share. I hope you all have a wonderful spring...Enjoy!
Big hugs,
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