Monday, January 12, 2009

girl power party....

Oh my....what a fun day!!!! My sister Cheryl and her family are in town visiting. They are currently stationed in Japan where Ken serves in the US Marines. Let me tell you, they are quite an adventuresome family. Usually they fly commercial but on this trip they jumped on a military cargo plane. The way they describe sounds just like a warehouse with wings. The stories they tell are so much fun! It has been great visiting with them and catching up. My niece Jen is 9 and Jess is 12; and I really miss them when their not here. So, while they are here, I thought it would be fun to have a little creativity get together. I immediately started working on a little project we could do together.

Well, today was the day all six of us girls got together and had a "Girl Power" Party! In attendance was my mom (Carolyn), my sister (Cheryl), and my nieces Jennifer, Jessika, Summer (who lives close to me thank goodness), and me.

I went through my stash and pulled out anything and everything that had a retro, hippie, big daisy, girl power look and feel. Then I got my hands on pictures of the girls and photoshopped them together into a funky retro background. I thought it would be fun to use their picture, because they are the girl power in my world. Also, they are best of friends and I thought it would make it special for them. A keepsake!

I prepped everything ahead of time and put it all in individual kits. This way we were able to jump right in and start playing. I did have it set up so that everyone could pick out their own fibers and beads. First we sponge painted the tin with alcohol inks. Then we glued the picture of the girls into the tin. Next we eembellished with yarns, fibers, pearls, bead fringe, rhinestones, paper daisies, tiaras, and all things girly. Ahead of time I had cut out just the headshots from a copy of the picture. We then used double stick foam tape to stack the headshots onto the picture in the tin. This created a really cool 3-D effect. The girls put little rhinestone tiaras on the heads and then we covered the whole picture with triple thick glaze. They really turned out cute.

The girls! (left to right: Carolyn (my mom), Jess, Cheryl, Summer, Jen)

Let's get this party started!

Here the girls are painting their tins with alcohol inks. They thought it was pretty cool. They really like the way it looked. Jen thought they were a little stinky, while my mom liked the smell. Mmmmm...not sure what that's all about?

We had to take time for a little bit of mustache fun....

You could just feel the creative energy in the air....the estrogen flowing too! The boys all went to Fry's Electronics while the girls played.

My family is quite creative. My sister homeschools her girls, loves counted cross-stitch, crocheting, and scrapbooking. My mom has many talents - florist, quilter, plant guru...just to name a few. Mom is the one who taught my sister and I how to sew and crochet. Like I said many talents. My mom and grandma are the two people who continually nurtured my artsy side. I am very grateful!

As you can see the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Jen loves to draw. Her GP Tin turned out beautiful! She is very proud of her accomplishment and so am I!

A close up of Jen's GP Tin.

This is my mom's little work of art. I love the fringe at the bottom. It looks really cool!

My sister's GP Tin. I love the way the fibers make it fuzzy!

Summer and Jess' tins are still a work in progress. Summer had to leave the party a little early to go to softball practice. She was feeling a little sad because she had to leave early. But Jess said she would wait to finish her tin until Summer got home. They wanted to finish them together. Told of friends. Jen is holding up Summer's tin for her in the picture below. I will post pictures of there tins as so as they are finished!

A good time was had by all! It was special day for us. It's not often we have the opportunity to ALL be together and CREATE! It was a very good day!