Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm back!

Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to be able to keep in touch with all my dolly friends in such a fun and simple way. I'm new to blogging so this should be an adventure!

The last few years I have been hanging low. Four years ago I went from being a stay at home mom (and running Meadow Bug Studio) to working full time plus at my son's school. I know many of you have made the same transition so I'm not telling you anything new when I say - IT WAS HARD!!!!! It doesn't seem like it should be so difficult, but it is a difficult transition and I had to let some areas of my life sit in a holding pattern. Meadow Bug Studio has been one of those areas that has been on hold. But I miss my friends and my little critters, SO I'M JUMPING BACK IN WITH BOTH FEET! I'M BACK!

I'm so proud of the new things I have in the works...

Hungry Lil' Caterpillar...

I'm tickled pink to announce that I am offering a brand new online workshop "The Hungry Lil' Caterpillar" - This is such a fun little critter. If you are interested in participating go to to sign up. The cost is $75 and the start date is November 2.

Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet...

I have a new pattern just in time for Halloween. This little fellow is so fun to make and I just know he'll make you smile! You'll find him on the pattern page of my website.

It's good to be back! I hope you enjoy my little critters.


Fran said...

Your work is FANTASTIC!! Remember me Fran Parrigan Meehan from Las Vegas, NV?? Silver Doll-Ers Doll Club? Baja Mexico? LOL Was wondering what happened to you. Glad you are back into dolls. Love your new work.

Tami said...

Ah, it's so cool that you've started a blog. It's nice to be able to peek behind the scenes of a doll designer's life. Congrats on getting back to Meadow Bug Studio. :-)