Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

All Dolls Are Art: Cyndi Mahlstadt

I will be teaching at All Dolls Are Art July 28 - 31. This is a brand new Art Doll Conference, that promises to be action pack. You should check out the teachers they have scheduled to teach! I am really excited to have the opportunity to be a part this exciting event.

Check out the was a lot of fun!

Alice online workshop available at "A for Artistic"...

I have been asked to teach at "A for Artistic".  This is a wonderful website devoted to online classes for the figurative artist in all of us! They have a wonderful lineup of classes right now, and my new Alice workshop is open for registration.  Take a peak!  You won't be disappointed!

4 lessons
Starts June 14

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gwendolyn Online Workshop at


 Altered Tin Wall Doll

There is a huge fascination with altered and found objects in the art world these days, and I must confess that I too have been smitten….So what do you get when you merge two passions – doll making & altered tins – you get Gwendolyn!
Gwendolyn full body
This is such a yummy doll! I had so much a fun making Gwendolyn and would love to share her with you! I used a lot of my favorite things: velvet, netting, leaf garland, velvet leaves, pearls, glitzy beads, bits of lace and other fun stuff from my stash (and that’s just on the outside). The tin is lined with pretty scrapbooking papers and then filled to the brim with bits of lace, silk flowers, velvet leaves, junk jewelry (nothing expensive but it looks pretty when you put it together), glass glitter, glass beads, pearls, rhinestone jewelry…….oh my!
Gwendolyn Center
Like I said, YUMMY! We will be using my “Jubilee-press mold” to create the face on this doll. I’ll show you how to use the press mold to create a head bead, and also how to tweak the face a bit to get different looks - It’s a really fun process. Press molds are a great way to make a quick face. Also, they are great for those who may not feel comfortable sculpting a face. We will also be using Apoxie Clay…the newest tool in my toolbox.
Gwendolyn Face
I usually try to list all the techniques you will learn…but there are too many to list. Sometimes the class is about the techniques you learn and sometimes it’s just about making a really fun doll!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Garden Pixie Online Workshop at

Garden Pixie Workshop

Wouldn’t you love to find this little pixie dancing around in your flower garden?  She is a 12” figure with a wire armature body and cloth over clay face.  She is dancing in the center of a rose which is resting on a pedestal.  Very sweet…very fun to make!

What you’ll learn:
  •  Body armature for a fully articulated figure
  • Wrapping a body with batting to create muscle (cloth over wire wrapping)
  • Needle sculpting to define the body
  • Posing a body to achieve whimsical effects
  • Simple ways to mount a figure on found object(s)
  • Cloth over paper clay face
  • Soft delicate face painting techniques using acrylic paint
  • A super easy technique for making tiny fingers
  • Whimsical costuming & embellishing including petite garden slippers
  • Fun techniques to age wood and other found objects

This is such a fun class.  The techniques taught give a lot of room for self-expression and each doll turns out so unique!

Offered at

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New items on Etsy!


Well it took me awhile, but I have new items listed in my Etsy Store -  So take a peek when you get a chance.  I'm also opening a second store with my Sister-in-law Tracy Mahlstadt which includes vintage finds, handmade items, and eclectic funky junk -